Best Mecca for Middle-School Boys (2009)

Kaleidoscope Courtyards

Commercially, this garish shopping center has been a bust, and its historical vacancy problems got worse this year with a few high-profile departures. But the essentials remain, including the life-sucking Xbox farm that is Howie's Game Shack, a movie theater, a laser-tag joint, a pizza place and a skate shop with cement floors that you can actually skate on. And so, despite efforts a few years back to crack down on teen loitering, the Kaleidoscope's appeal to the pimply set has only risen with the sinking economy. For some reason, the escalators usually don't work, which is sweet. All the world's a skate park, right?

Location Details

27741 Crown Valley Parkway
Mission Viejo CA 92691


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