Best Undercover Register/Freedom Communications Snoop (2009)

'davey threshie'

Weeks before Irvine-based Freedom Communications, parent of The Orange County Register, officially confirmed in June that Scott Flanders would leave Freedom as CEO to assume the same position with Playboy Enterprises, "davey threshie" divulged that would happen on OC Weekly's Navel Gazing blog. "davey" is not a Weekly staff blogger, but one of the dozens of Freedom/Register insiders who routinely take over the comments section of Weekly blog posts related to their employer. Others had commented that "davey"—whose name is a play on Freedom board chairman David D. Threshie—was full of shit about Flanders making the move to Playboy. After that proved true, few dared doubt "davey" when he later revealed in Navel Gazing that former Freedom executive Burl Osbourne would come out of retirement to become Freedom's "new" CEO. A commenter who goes by the moniker "you are a mole" had to reluctantly acknowledge that "davey" knows his shit—in a backhanded/backstabbing way, of course: "Ya know, Davey, you must be pretty high up in the [company] to have this kind of knowledge. Sad that you are spilling this info to a web blog. I hope they find out who you are and fire you." Mr./Ms. Mole declared Osbourne "won't necessarily become CEO [because] Blackstone [Freedom's investment company] is vetoing it." Weeks later, Freedom officially announced Osbourne was in. "davey" was right, the mole was wrong, and, as this goes to press, the revelations keep coming on Navel Gazing.


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