Best Surf Spot (2009)

The Wedge

Whoever said surfing is all about actually getting in the water, riding a board, and risking life and limb in a quest to harness Mother Nature's mystical energy? That's bogus: The best part of the sport is spectating. Two words of advice come with this winner, which is a world-famous break located at the extreme southeast end of Balboa Peninsula. First of all, stay out of the water, unless you don't mind getting pummeled by waves that come out of nowhere and, if there's a Pacific storm somewhere within several hundred miles of the coastline, suddenly and without warning rise up close to shore to heights of 20 feet with no purpose other than to crush you like Stalin. (Seriously, think long and hard about taking on monster waves here: A teenage body-surfer died at the Wedge this summer under just those circumstances.) Second, bring a blanket and some refreshments and enjoy the best aquatic entertainment ever invented: watching surfers, boogie boarders and bodysurfers do all the hard work and for their efforts, get tossed like salad—and live to surf another day.


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