Best Reminder of OC's Eternal Bilingualism (2009)

Wilkommen/Welcome Sign In La Palma Park

Let Barbara Coe and the rest of Orange County's vast Know Nothing nation rail against creeping bilingualism across our homeland, whether in Little Saigon or Little Arabia, Santa Ana or Garden Grove. Old-timers know and understand that communicating in two tongues is a hallmark of the Orange County way, and the friendliest reminder is a massive sign at the northwest corner of La Palma Park in Anaheim. There stand two massive posts supporting planks stating, "Wilkommen" and, "Welcome," an artifact from the days when people took Harbor Boulevard to traverse North County instead of just using it until the closest freeway. The German, of course, refers to the city's Teutonic roots, when the town conducted business in three languages. Perfect backdrop for the cousins from Iowa!

Location Details

1151 N. Anaheim Blvd.
Anaheim CA 92801


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