Best Political Cartoons (2009)

Mission Viejo Watchdogs Editorial Cartoons

Founded in the late '90s and apparently avoiding a web redesign ever since, Mission Viejo Watchdogs serves as a dissent dispensary for the city's clique of citizen political agitators (the crowd whose most ambitious project to date is the attempted recall of Councilman Lance MacLean). But the uninitiated should skip the site's gossip roundups and go straight to each week's "Editorial Cartoon." As far as political art goes, the cartoons aren't the "best" quality in either craftsmanship (they appear to have been done in MS Paint) or commentary (there are fewer actual jokes than even the average Mallard Fillmore strip). But they're hilarious like the Burn Book in Mean Girls: That city council members are portrayed either as coneheads or as having devil horns tells you all you need to know about the nature of political discourse in Mission Viejo.


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