Best Place to Get Frostbite and Grass Burn at the Same Time (2009)

Ice-Blocking at El Dorado Park

Ice-blocking is the Orange County surrogate for actual seasons. Since the snow never falls here, but sliding down a hill is a universal joy, we make do with what we have—hills and ice. It's a stupid way to kill time with some friends, and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than driving to Big Bear and buying a lift ticket. Just grab a couple of $3.99 ice blocks from Ralphs, a towel to sit on and some immature friends, and then head out to a steep, grassy hill. The process is as simple as it is awesome: Place block on ground at top of hill, put towel on top of block, sit on towel, slide and repeat. But location does count, and El Dorado Park is top-tier. Though there are several hills in the area that will suffice, the one just off Jeronimo Road and Montilla, near Montevideo Elementary School, has that unique blend of steepness, well-groomed grass for sliding, and the cover of a cul-de-sac, so police aren't likely to ruin the fun if you're doing it at night.

Location Details

24435 Carrillo Dr.
Mission Viejo CA 92691


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