Best Open-Air Preacher (2009)

Ray Comfort

Every Saturday, chart-toting preacher Ray Comfort (pseudonym?) sets up a video camera and a microphone at the Huntington Beach pier and challenges the sinful—mostly surfers—to question him about God and the Bible. Well, Ray (who occasionally uses actor Kirk Cameron as a sidekick) does most of the questioning: Do you think you're a good person? Have you ever lied? Have you stolen? Have you ever taken the Lord's name in vain? Have you ever looked at a woman with lust? Are you a homosexual? "You're going to hell!" he invariably shouts at the (mostly) men brave enough to take the microphone. Sure, this Bellflower creationist's motor mouth can be offensive (he admits he's a bigot who thinks universities are wrecking minds, only heterosexuals have red blood and the scientific method is worthless), but he's also occasionally endearing and entertaining for the shirtless, sand-in-the-hair crowds he regularly collects. Think Jimmy Swaggart meets Pauly Shore.


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