Best Latino Commentator (2009)

Adriana Maestas

This UC Irvine grad and OC resident is the shot of heresy the Latino, political-chattering classes need. Adriana Maestas is a flaming liberal, but she throws her sharpest barbs at the Latino Democratic ruling class. Most of them target Representative Loretta Sanchez, whom she frequently derides as "Low-retta" for her coochy-coochy ways and for the congresswoman's failure to co-sponsor the DREAM Act, which would provide financial aid to qualified, undocumented college students. Scandals involving wab pols—Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Congressional Hispanic Caucus head Joe Baca and others—make up most of the posts, and Latino Politics Blog is more national than naranja-centric, but don't dismiss Maestas as a foul-mouthed hack—her writing is sharp, filled with stats and free of the weepy-moany tone too many Latino columnists employ.


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