Best Historians (2009)

Orange County Mexican-American Historical Society

In their day jobs, members of the Orange County Mexican-American Historical Society embody what the official county narrative never bothered to point out: that the descendants of orange pickers now work for Fortune 500 companies, school districts, all the white-collar jobs once thought impossible for Mexicans to comprehend. In their spare time, the small group travels to schools and anywhere that'll have it to lecture about historical barrios, epochal events and long-forgotten pioneers of la naranja's perpetual enemy. The society is now branching out into bolder terrain: book publication and the hosting of the Barrio History Symposium, which gathers Latino groups from across California to tell the stories long ignored by professional historians and stuffy, gabacho-dominated historical societies. Best of all, they have the perfect Christmas gift for the Mexican in your life: a calendar with historical pictures of life in Mexican Orange County.


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