This small Tuscany-style café evokes an old-school, Italian charm. It may be the warm golden light or the murals of sunny Italy on the walls. Or it may be the gelato, one bite of which will make you want to head toward the nearest piazza. Made fresh every day with real fruit flavors, it is creamier, richer and more satisfying than regular ice cream. Café Lucca does not have a large selection of flavors compared to actual gelaterias, but the ones they do have taste like a trip to Florence, Italy. A small cup will set you back $3.50 (with tax), but the portion will be large enough for you to not regret it. The fruit varieties are seasonal, so do not expect lemon gelato in the fall. But the flavors change almost every day, so come back often if you like surprises. Two separate trips produced chocolate-covered banana and chocolate-covered strawberry; the former is what bananas in heaven would taste like. Then there is the ever-popular chocolate: simple, but still dark, rich and bittersweet. It's the way chocolate always should taste. Beware: After having Café Lucca's gelato, regular, boring, American ice cream will never taste as good.

Location Details

106 N. Glassell St.
Orange CA 92866


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