Sorry to burst your bubble: Most restaurants use frozen fries. Most fast-food joints do (with the exception of In-N-Out). But we mean real, sit-down places that you'd expect to make fries from scratch. Even Thomas Keller, whose Bouchon is set atop the Venetian in Las Vegas, admits to using frozen spuds for his pommes frites. Consistency, he says, is the reason. Harrumph. Laziness is more like it. Andrei's pomme frites, however, are special. They're cut from actual potatoes, cooked to order, then tossed with truffle salt for a from-the-earth, eggy flavor and aroma. Some of the fries will be crunchy. Some will be limp. But it's this un-uniformity that charms. Consistency is overrated.

Location Details

2607 Main St.
Irvine CA 92614


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