That's the formal name; you might know it better as just "the farmers' market at Alamitos Bay Marina." If you live in LBC, H.B., S.B., the other S.B., or an even-farther-afield acronymic community, this is your Sunday source for all things farmers'-markety. (Harbor Area Farmers' Markets runs this one and as many as four other markets each week, depending upon the season.) Get there early, or the line at the J&P West Coast Fish truck will be wrapped around the back of the thing—and they might already be out of snapper or tuna. Scarf down free samples all along the single-aisle layout, but don't be a total moocher. Buy something seasonal and berry-red from someplace such as Santiago Produce (Oxnard strawberries!), or something seasonal and blood-red from Lindner Bison (like beef, only beefier!), or seasonal and orange-on-the-inside such as the aromatic melons at Weiser Family Farms (organic!). Nod your head to the strains of "Redemption Song" or "Too Old to Die Young," courtesy of Billy Rose, the ever-present, geetar-wielding, cowboy-hatted busker at the midpoint of the market. And definitely stop by the Ha's Apple Farm tent for some fresh, organic Fujis from Tehachapi. If you've got a little tyke with you, his or her free sample will likely take the form a whole apple sliced to resemble . . . a dragon? A donkey? A Nubian oryx? Something with big horns or big ears, anyway.

Location Details

E Marina Dr.
Long Beach CA 90803


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