If Martha Stewart and Norman Rockwell brainstormed an American diner, Jongewaard's Bake-n-Broil would be the result. Pretty and prim like the stuff in her catalog, but classically American like his paintings, Jongewaard is everything you'd want in a diner. The lunch counter is the preferred place to sit, especially because it is within sniffing distance of the pies. Wrap your lips around a simply made burger, or dive into a bowl of chili. Or, better yet, rake up forkfuls of their main meals—meat loaf, chicken pot pie, pot roast and egg breakfasts large enough to satiate long-haul truckers. For dessert, sweets of every conceivable concoction await: lemon lush pie, red-velvet cake, peach-cobbler coffee cakes, all worthy to please your grandma back in Iowa—or Martha Stewart herself.

Location Details

3697 Atlantic Ave.
Long Beach CA 90807


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