Best Build-Your-Own Teeny-Tiny Gourmet Burger (2009)

Bouchees Bistro at Smooth's

If White Castle suddenly went gourmet, it might look something like this: A tiny, cloud-like bun cradling a juicy little mound of steaming beef, turkey or ahi tuna, as well as any of a range of tiny toppings—sautéed onions, avocado, gruyere cheese, roasted tomatoes, garlic pickles, red peppers—and a dollop of feisty aioli or a creamy mayonnaise infusion. Thankfully, this very real, very gourmet (but affordable) little dream exists. And it's not made by White Castle. Bouchees' chef/owner Anthony Cervas has done wonders for the small bite, crafting micro versions of his equally satisfying (if not quite as magical) burgers into delicate handfuls to be marveled at before they're devoured. Add to the equation a draft beer, Bouchees' signature Parmesan fries and a homemade ice-cream sandwich for dessert, and you'll be in tiny-burger heaven. Bouchees offers a monthly special burger (bison, wild boar, black-bean-brown-rice patty, etc.) and has enjoyed a growing following—so much so it recently relocated to larger digs on Pine Avenue, where bigger crowds and bigger appetites will no doubt continue to devour this mouth-watering little bite.

Location Details

144 Pine Ave.
Long Beach CA 90802


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