This elixir whipped up at the poolside bar at the Montage Resort & Spa is as refreshing as the nearby ocean spray. Grey Goose l'Orange, Le Citron, lemonade and Sprite are served in a glass with muddled citrus inside and sugar around the rim. Not so tart that it gives you the sunken-cheek-model effect, nor so sweet that you'll require an insulin shot, the cocktail goes down smoother than a ripping sunset, taking all your cares down with it. Oh, and $14 of your hard-earned cash. Fortunately, it's a sipping drink, not many of which are required to achieve just what the doctor of mixology ordered. Still, it would be ideal if you could afford a room at the luxury beachfront hotel to stumble back to. Just keep in mind that multiple So. Cal. Coolers enjoyed on the Mosaic deck have this effect that makes that pool—and especially the emerald-green sea—muy inviting. That's why it's best to have a suit on under that spa robe.

Location Details

155 Fifth St.
Huntington Beach CA 92648


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