Best Place to Pick Up a One-Night Stand (2009)

Tapas Restaurant and Bar

There are two ways to go about your one-night-stand business at this airport-adjacent joint that draws in a large, well-heeled crowd every weekend to flaunt its salsa-dance-lesson skills. If you're looking for a moderate, mysterious one-nighter and are willing to do a little work, come to the restaurant/bar early and scan the crowd of flamenco enthusiasts who've come for the evening show. Inevitably, you'll find an introspective aficionado by the bar, having a solitary drink and gazing dreamily at the dancers and musicians onstage. It may take more conversation and less drink-peppering, but the results may be well-worth it: Tapas inevitably transforms into a pulsating dance club every weekend, moments after the invigorating flamenco shows (performed by Claudia de la Cruz and her ensemble on Friday nights), so the groundwork laid (sorry) during the show may pay off when the lights are dimmed and the dancers hit the floor. Or there's Option 2: Wait until after 11-ish, when the place is packed with equal parts travelers, cougars and leggy dancers, and take your pick.

Location Details

4253 Martingale Way
Newport Beach CA 92660


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