Best Record Label (2009)

Burger Records

The lovable goofballs at Anaheim's Burger Records know how to make their releases stand out: by putting them on outdated media. It's quite possible they've put out more cassettes in the past couple of years than any other label, giving fans of such artists as LA's Devon Williams and San Francisco's Ty Segall a chance to obtain definitively different collectibles—even if they might not have the obsolete technology required to listen to them. Burger releases LPs and 7-inches, too, and sometimes even (gasp!) CDs. They've worked with acts from all over, but they have special love for OC bands Thee Makeout Party and Audacity. Not to mention an eye for talent: Audacity are now signed to PPM, the same label as hotshot buzz bands Mika Miko and Wavves.


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