Best Race Riot (2009)

Mosh Pit at Manic Hispanic Cinco de Mayo Show, House of Blues

It's a county springtime event that's now as iconic in its perennial frequency as San Juan Capistrano's swallows: the Manic Hispanic Cinco de Mayo show at the House of Blues, a night when la naranja's boiling ethnic tension between white and brown disappears for an evening, thanks to the power of the group's Chicano-refried punk parody. Here be the best mosh pit in Orange County, where the worst residents of Huntington Beach and Santa Ana whale on one another under the approving glare of head pocho Gabby Gaborno. But don't take it personal, ese: If a real fight breaks out, Gaborno is legendary for making combatants kiss in front of everyone. Barrio love, indeed. . . .


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