Best Cover Band (2009)

SPRINGSTEEN! The Premier Tribute to the Boss

Cover bands are ubiquitous in the clubs and bars of our not-so-humble backwater, and there are more than a few excellent tribute bands, including the Rolling Stones' homage, Jumpin' Jack Flash, and the godfather of them all, Wild Child, who have been around far longer than the band they're based on, the Doors. But this Springsteen-tribute band does something a bit different: Rather than focusing on the biggest hits of the Boss, circa "Born In the USA," front man Josh Tanner, who grew up in the same Jersey town as Springsteen, leads his talented band mates through set lists heavy on pre-superstar Boss tunes. Looking like he stepped right off the cover of Born to Run, the scruffy, wiry Tanner prowls his way through such hits as "Jungleland" and "Thunder Road," but its on such catalog stuff as "Saint In the City" and "Lost In the Flood" that he truly channels his muse.


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