Best Barbershop Quartet (2009)

The Dapper Dans

You might not know them by name, but you'll recognize this group as the guys with the Great Gatsby-style straw hats, immaculately combed hair, pearly white teeth and impeccably pressed candy-striped suits who stroll up and down Disneyland's Main Street every afternoon, singing old-timey standards such as "Mr. Sandman." The quartet have been part of the theme park's musical entertainment program since 1959, with some members belting out a cappella tunes for a decade or more. They're so good they've even been on TV, both as themselves (The Johnny Carson Show, circa 1974) and as the fictional a capella group the Be Sharps (The Simpsons, 1993). They're the perfect late-afternoon diversion for your little tyke while you're stuck on the sidewalk for an hour to ensure you've got a front-row view of that day's parade.


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