Going to Blends is like getting a private peek inside a rapper's fantasy shoe closet. Except, instead of pristinely layered rows of shoes on shelves, these sneakers are displayed in a faux grocery-store freezer—just one of the store's many cool elements. The boutique only carries limited-edition sneaks, but you'll find more than Ice Creams in this freezer. Blends also sells limited-edition Nikes, Vans, New Balance, Reebok and many other brands. The shoes are totally current, with provocative splashes of color and design, and the selection gets updated frequently. But the sheer distinctiveness of each shoe provides a timeless element. So if you're craving a one-of-a-kind flavor for your feet, Blends may have just what you're looking for.

Location Details

2930 Bristol St.
Costa Mesa CA 92626


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