"Fun" and "sex" aren't words one often hears in the same sentence as "Irvine." But the only sex shop in Irvine is where to find the two together. Pink Kitty owner Alysia Pardo started working at a sex-toy shop to support herself while studying at UC Irvine; in January 2007, a decade after earning her degree, she bought the shop, re-christening it Pink Kitty and focusing not only on straight clients, but also the LGBT community. According to her website, Pardo takes "a fun and educational approach to my job. . . . Sex should be fun!" It's an attitude that extends to her employees, as well. If you're wandering the bright, well-stocked shop, a clerk will pop up to make sure everything's all right and there are no questions left to be asked. Finding the right size in the frilly lingerie racks? (They stock sizes up to XXXL!) Wondering about the logistics of using a "three-way dong"? (Really not as complex as you might think!) Searching for the perfect DVD to present to your lover? (There's quite a broad selection.) Determining just what the spiky-looking cock ring says? (Well, okay, so that one's more of a personal choice. . . .) Pink Kitty even features possibly the cleanest dressing room ever. It is in Irvine, after all.

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Location Details

17955 Sky Park Circle
Irvine CA 92614


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