Best Place to Get Pierced (2008)

Tommy T's

For almost 20 years, locals who live for rebellion have been coming to Tommy T's to get their fix of shiny flesh accessories. This body-piercing haven was the first of its kind in OC and has since maintained a solid reputation among the locals of Huntington Beach. Walk-ins are always welcome, and things move pretty quickly around there. That means you won't be stuck in some long line for hours, stressing about whether getting that Prince Albert you've always wanted is a good idea. Their jewelry selection is enormous, and they have quality body-piercing experts there to help you sort through all the best barbells, lip rings and dangly skull earrings to find a look you can be proud of. And the fact that the place is spotless doesn't hurt, either—even if the piercing does. Whether you're at the beginning of your trouble-maker phase or the cusp of a midlife crisis, Tommy T's can give you the look you desire.

Location Details

19925 Beach Blvd.
Huntington Beach CA 92648


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