A trip to this pet store nestled in an ordinary strip mall is like a trip to the zoo—a strange, freaky, kinda-scary zoo. Giant desert tortoises greet you from atop their hay and heat-lamped enclosure, while boa constrictors and anacondas hang out with bunny-stomach bulges in the snake section of Prehistoric Pets. Another corner of the store houses giant lizards and monitors easily the size of your torso. Visiting this pet store is better than a trip to the reptile house at any zoo—besides, it's totally free to ogle. Prehistoric Pets also hosts unique birthday parties for the kids, but it's probably not a good idea if you're on the squeamish side. Most uniquely, though, $2 buys you a plastic container of maggots—and a pair of long tweezers—to feed to the turtles and freakishly large catfish in the pond situated at the front of the store. Ever seen a turtle beg?

Location Details

18822 Brookhurst St.
Fountain Valley CA 92708


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