Who says no one reads anymore? Don't tell that to Jim Kendrick, who last year opened a newspaper stand in a downtown Santa Ana nook that's literally the space below stairs—there are people fatter than the width of Rags. But this little retail space outperforms the much-larger Barnes & Noble and Borders offerings by focusing on the eclectic: obscure art magazines to please the dwellers of Santa Ana's Artists' Village, Spanish-language tabloids to please the city's Latino-super-majority, gossip glossies, sports and political mags, and quite the porno selection. Rags also carries Ritter Sport, those amazing chocolate bars found locally only at Trader Joe's and German shops, along with other junk food and cigarettes to fuel a night of partying at the next-door Crosby. But best of all, Jim gets the latest issue of Simpsons Comics and its various spin-offs monthly.

Location Details

454 N. Broadway
Santa Ana CA 92701


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