Welcome to a modern-day, health-conscious incarnation of that friend's house we all went to as kids, where a doting mom would take us into her home, stuff us with homemade treats as if we were her own kids, and then send us on our way, dreaming of our next visit. The only difference, really, is that almost everything at Mother's is organic and meatless. Store aisles are stuffed with bunches of just-washed lettuce, huge beets and organic carrots. The restaurant area is where shoppers inevitably end up, lured by organic, vegetarian entrées, like the Apron Pocket, a pita sandwich brimming with sliced beets, carrots, mushrooms and avocado and served with Mother's creamy tahini dressing. Breakfast includes meatless variations of some meaty Mexican favorites like chilaquiles (made here with zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and topped with cheese and scrambled eggs) and huevos rancheros. If you want more norteamericano fare, try the French toast (dipped in your choice of thick egg-cinnamon batter or soy batter) or a homemade scramble—with a side of "Fakin' Bacon" or "Gimme Lean Veggie Sausage." You won't miss the real thing.

Location Details

19770 Beach Blvd.
Huntington Beach CA 92648


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