Other than the majestic views of the canyon below and million-dollar pads above, this may seem like your typical car wash with free Wi-Fi, advertising space on its billboard and those little brushes that clean interior air vents for sale near the cash register. A similar assumption can be made about the $24.99 "Chief Executive" hand wash, which a sign informs you includes having the car's interior vacuumed and wiped down; air freshener sprayed; windows or wheels cleaned; and polish, sealer wax, clear coat and tire dressing applied. No big whoop, right? Wrong. Riverbend's crew manages the unimaginable, doing all of the above, plus wiping off the wheels, door jams and trunk gutters every time. Indeed, so much time is spent on getting your ride just right that the "Chief Executive" is only a hair short of the basic auto detail you'll pay 100 bucks for at other places. Full-blown details are $95 and up here, while lesser wash options trickle down to $13.99 for the basic wash. Individual services such as leather treatment ($15 and up) or a bucket wash ($20 and up) are also available. The time put into your car means the wait—and lines—can be long, even during what one would normally assume to be off hours. Fortunately, there's a tasty time killer next door: EZ Takeout Burger. Think In-N-Out, without the Bible verses on the cups.

Location Details

22290 La Palma Ave.
Yorba Linda CA 92887


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