Best Weekend Getaway (2008)

San Luis Obispo

Orange County getting you down? Can you afford a few tanks of gas? Well, how about if you get someone to go with you and chip in? Okay, then San Luis Obispo is where you want to be. Located about a four-and-a-half-hour drive north of the county line, it's a beautiful slice of Central California living. Located just far away enough from home that you needn't worry about running into your boss or ex-spouse whose fault it is you need some away time in the first place, SLO is quiet, quaint and pleasant. While it may not have the cosmopolitan appeal of San Francisco, it's also more affordable and much less hectic. The drive up U.S. 101 is a vacation in itself, with its beautiful views of both the Pacific Ocean and the inland meadows, hills and farmland. Solvang and Pismo Beach are easy and rewarding side trips. When you want to feel . . . well, nice . . . SLO is the city to visit.


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