Best Use of Non-Lethal Force (2008)

Josh Booty's Booking at Orange County Jail

Fox Sports broadcaster Josh Booty is a former Louisiana State University quarterback, dual NFL/Major League Baseball draftee and older brother of the former USC starting QB John David Booty. But he vaulted off the sports page and into the crime blotter this past February when he was arrested on suspicion of DUI by the Highway Patrol and taken to Orange County Jail. Officials there reported things spiraled out of control after the then-32-year-old was patted down, strip-searched and told to pick up his clothes. "Give me a minute, bro. . . . Fuck," he reportedly slurred. Deputies say they then forced Booty's hands behind his back and that the 6-foot-2-inch, 215-pound hulk shifted into an aggressive stance against the half-dozen or so coppers huddled around him. A Taser gun was whipped out and unleashed on Booty. It had no apparent effect. So he was Tased again, bro. That one knocked the big fella fell to the ground, and he perhaps hit a table (or clenched knuckles, or an elbow) on the way. Back in his cell, nursing a black eye, Booty is said to have apologized to deputies on his way to soberhood. The celebrity muckrakers at summed it up best: "OC cops really know how to shake their Booty."


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