Best Urban Legend (2008)

The Campus Drive Ghost Jogger

UC Irvine kids leap at any opportunity to get the hell out of Irvine. Many late-night drives back to the dorms will take you down a stretch of Campus Drive right past the wildlife preserve. There are absolutely no lights, other than the occasional car going the opposite direction, and patches of thick fog tend to envelop the road. Legend has it that a female jogger taking advantage of a cool night was struck by a car—and now her spirit haunts the road and will visit the occasional driver. Fun! Honorable mention goes to the ballerina who killed herself in the dorms. She was always seen through her bedroom window spinning 'round and 'round, practicing her routines. It wasn't until a few weeks later that people finally realized she was actually dangling 'round and 'round—she had hanged herself.


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