Best Sportscaster (2008)

Mark Gubicza

The former hard-throwing Kansas City Royals righthander pitched only one, inglorious 1997 season for the Angels, but he represents our greatest hope for a better team. No, not the Halos' baseball team, but rather the Halos' broadcasting team. Last season, "Gubi" was teamed with Jose Mota (the Weekly's Best Sportscaster in '07) for 50 televised games on Fox Sports West and Channel 13. Sadly, the bulk of the calls still went to the annoying tandem of Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler, whose gravely voice and inane insights bring to mind a Huntington Beach bro explaining nanophysics. For some TV games this season, Gubicza is being paired with Rory Markas, Anaheim's longtime radio play-by-play man and another past Weekly Best Sportscaster. Physioc and "Hud" get the other televised games, however. Cross your batting-gloved fingers that this will be the year the front office finally wakes up and makes Gubi and whomever the only TV tandem next season. Gubicza's stories from his throwing days and insights into the minds of players add depth and meaning to the action on the field. If Anaheim is stinking up the joint, he'll actually say so. This winning, media-savvy market deserves Gubicza in the booth. Even if he was a stupid Royal.


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