Best Protest (2008)

Anti-Credit-Card Gas-Fee Rally

Mitch Goldstone's idea wasn't exactly radical: The one thing just about everyone agrees on is that gas costs too much. His approach is what puts it at the top of our list. On July 3, Goldstone, an Irvine businessman who doubles as a consumer activist, led a rally at the intersection of Jamboree and Barranca Parkway against hidden credit-card gas fees. He was hoping for several hundred but isn't ashamed to admit only 50 showed up. Goldstone says most of those folks had no clue that credit-card companies are making about $1 billion per week off gas purchases—money that, unlike gas taxes, which usually pay for roads and the like, doesn't do a damn thing for anybody. We hope his idea becomes viral. Maybe next year's big event could be a countywide car boycott.


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