Best Police Chief (2008)

Andrew E. Hall, Westminster

Thanks to a continual supply of shady police officers—especially in high ranks of certain departments—Orange County's law enforcement has suffered a bruised reputation in recent years. However, we've also got cops like Andy Hall, chief at the Westminster Police Department. Things haven't always gone perfectly in the department. (We still cringe at the thought of one officer shooting, running over with his car and killing a man in response to a minor traffic violation a few years ago.) But Hall, who has fans on the left and right of the political spectrum, deserves kudos for his commitment to instilling professional conduct at his department. His relations with the Vietnamese community have been exemplary. His efforts to break human-trafficking rings are laudable. But Hall's most recent claim to fame is his work to improve police-crisis intervention with mentally ill citizens who might not grasp commands. "Andy's one of the best police chiefs in California," said a veteran chief of another OC police department. "The residents in Westminster get their money's worth from him. He's a good, decent guy." We agree.


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