Nothing will reassure your date more than finding out you can shoot to kill. Share a shooting lane and show your date how well you handle that gorgeous .45 from On Target's vast arsenal of rental firearms. Nestled in a dreary industrial park between train tracks and Interstate 5, the place doesn't look like much. It's been in the same location since 1992, but from its nondescript fafaçadeade, it seems timeless. Inside, rifles and handguns overflow from display cases and racks in the retail shop. (The previous manager even had a few assault weapons on display—until the feds seized his cache of illegal firearms in 2003. Since then, ownership has changed, and there's nary a grenade launcher to be seen.) The indoor range also offers a wide selection of targets extending far beyond the conventional bull's-eye; Osama bin Laden seems to be a popular choice here. Just be sure to refrain from taping a life-size picture of your ex onto the target frame—unless, of course, your date brought one, too. Where's that grenade launcher when you need one?

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Location Details

27692 Camino Capistrano
Laguna Beach CA 92677


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