Located on the beach side of Coast Highway just a few blocks south of Avila's El Ranchito, the Capri Inn is an aging multistructure hotel that spills down the bluff to one of the most beautiful beaches between Big Sur and Baja California. It's also pretty much the cheapest place to stay on the sand in Laguna Beach. But what truly makes the Capri Inn a standout hotel are the kitchenettes that come complete with a balcony just 20 feet above the crashing surf. They're desperately in need of remodeling—with oversized flagstone fireplaces, cabinets that are mostly nailed shut, bizarre steps in the middle of the room that you can trip over—but that's all part of the weird charm. Just don't expect room service, and be prepared to walk across the street for your coffee or meals: There's a fantastic French bistro and bakery just yards away.

Location Details

1441 S. Coast Highway
Laguna Beach CA 92651


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