Best Fired Journalist (2008)

Hao-Nhien Vu

Journalism is a tough trade. You serve long hours, take home crappy pay, encounter morons with little or no reading-comprehension skills, and often work for ungrateful management. (Not here, of course. Hi, Ted!) Until recently, such was the fate of Hao-Nhien Vu, longtime managing editor of the nation's largest daily Vietnamese newspaper, Little Saigon-based Nguoi Viet. But earlier this year, the paper faced protesters incensed that it had published a photograph that contained what they (bizarrely) felt was a disrespectful reference to the flag of South Vietnam, a country that hasn't existed since April 30, 1975. In response, the paper's ownership made Vu the sacrificial lamb, firing him. Instead of whining, Vu accepted his fate and quickly created the best new English-language journalistic blog in OC: The blog offers readers solid original reporting, witty commentary or simply highlights other articles relating to all things Vietnamese-American. During June's race for county supervisor (involving Supervisor Janet Nguyen), he proved his investigative prowess by breaking several stories involving campaign shenanigans. Vu also writes a blog in Vietnamese, but chúng tôi không hiêu tiêng Viêt.


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