Best Day Trip (2008)


As Southern Californians, we enjoy a close proximity to Mexico, our scruffy neighbor to the south. With so much hysterical attention being paid to the influx of Mexican immigrants into our country, it's important to remember that we can cross their border, too. Never more than a few hours away from anywhere in Orange County, Tijuana is the obvious day-trip choice. Close enough to America both physically and in mindset to help allay the fears of those hesitant to truly dive into Mexican culture, Tijuana represents the best of both worlds. You get to have the cachet that comes from saying you've traveled outside the U.S., yet at no point are you so far from America that you can't spend the night sick in the comforts of your OWN American bathroom after you forget to ask for your drink sin hielo (that's SEEN ee-YAY-low, ya gabacho). Plus, you can take advantage of our country's relatively decent exchange rate and pick up some blankets and glassware for a little cheaper than at your local Cost Plus.


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