Everyone hates vacation resorts popping up in their back yard, but when Montage Resort & Spa appeared, it brought the Treasure Island Blufftop Park (and an underground public parking structure!) with it. While the actual beach isn't too easy to get to—hiking across rocks during high tide isn't much fun—there's now at least a path that leads down to the shore. Lush patches of grass, palm trees and gardens with lots of tables and benches are there for picnickers and admirers, but the most notable asset to Treasure Island has to be its sandy bluff with lots of rock formations, tide pools and even caves to comb through. Resist any temptation to poke at anything slimy, crawling or gross-looking in the tide pools, though—it's a $1,000 fine if you touch that moving . . . rock . . . thing.

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Wesley Drive and S. Coast Highway
Laguna Beach CA 92652


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