Every now and again, people need to release their frustrations. Punching others in the face is one option, although it can sometimes lead to hefty medical bills and possible jail time. This, and the need for sporting practice, is why batting cages were created. And Home Run Park in Anaheim is the best darn ball-smacking establishment around for those interested in perfecting their swing. The park may not be much to look at (read: It was built in 1961, and it kinda looks it), but it's the only set of cages in the county to offer pitching machines that hurl hard balls at 90 mph for those MLB wannabes out there. It also boasts 20 cages, convenient hours (10 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week) and a fully stocked snack bar, complete with Icee machine, which can double as a cooling agent for stinging hands and blisters. (Had to try the 90-mph cage, didn't you?)

Location Details

711 S. Beach Blvd.
Anaheim CA 92804


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