Best Use of Someone's Garden (2008)

Dosa Place

Since 2003, Dosa Place owner Vijaya Vidulla has cooked the wondrous dishes of his native Andhra Pradesh in India, particularly dosa, a crispy, foot-long crepe stuffed with curried potatoes and everything from cashews to ground goat. No need to order these, though, because his buffet is one of the best meals in Orange County every week, stocked with organic veggies from his back yard. Unlike your standard, clammy Indian buffet, Vidulla puts the emphasis on south Indian flavors—tamarind, coconut, gravies—and replaces each tray about every 15 minutes to ensure maximum freshness. Although choices can vary from idlis (mini-muffins made from mung-bean flour) to ginger chicken, the most exciting options are made with whatever curry they're offering that week, a selection that ranges from pumpkin to spinach to squash to beets—even carrots. All are delish—and when you tire of the buffet, move on to the dosas.

Location Details

13812 Redhill Ave. Tustin, CA
Tustin CA 92780


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