Best Reason to Give Up Vegetarianism (2008)


"Seven courses of beef": four words that will either make you shudder or salivate. Either way, it's not as excessive or gluttonous as it sounds. Don't expect a meat orgy like at a Brazilian churrascaria or think of "courses" in the way we Americans think of courses. Instead, imagine Pagolac's signature dish (around $15 per person) as mostly small bites of different preparations of beef, like tiny, homemade sausages wrapped in a lot of leaves. Other than one item, where you cook slices of thin beef in heated vinegary broth, the rest resemble dim sum or tapas—each dish slightly different from the last. The final two of the seven "courses" are actually a salad and a soup of minced beef and star-shaped macaroni. Heck, at this rate, Vietnamese "seven courses of beef" are still probably a lot healthier than that Big Mac you just scarfed.

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15470 Magnolia St.
Westminster CA 92683


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