Best Place to Eat a Cinnamon Roll and Feed Ducks (While It Lasts) (2008)

Alice's Breakfast in the Park

While the food here isn't totally outstanding—just your typical comfort food and sammies—it's their fresh, warm, available-all-day cinnamon rolls that are worth the trip. The place looks like something every crafty 50-year-old mom in Orange County got together to decorate: faux birds in cages, ribbon everywhere, handcrafted wooden signs, cat everything. It's probably the best place to view Christmas decorations in July, so of course the Red Hat Club ladies meet here for brunch. The building itself is a red-and-white barn-like building that sits on the edge of the duck pond next to Lake Huntington, and they even sell bags of duck feed for $1 each. Get brave and master the technique of luring ducks and geese out of the pond and next to you on the grassy spot right by the lake. Bad news, though: As of Sept. 12, the city of Huntington Beach has plans to turn Alice's into a restaurant with a bistro-like setting—and booze. No word yet where the drive-through McDonald's will set up shop.

Location Details

6622 Lakeview Dr.
Huntington Beach CA 92648


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