Best Japanese Restaurant (2008)

Kappo Sui

While you nosh on that teriyaki bowl at Yoshinoya, your Japanese friends know better. They go to Kappo Sui—a Japanese restaurant meant for Japanese people. A list of specials is scribbled in Japanese script. Finding an English speaker in the house is a challenge. But before you begin to feel like Bill Murray in Lost in Translation, the food starts to arrive. The mucilaginous charms of mountain potato. The salty oiliness of broiled mackerel. Crisply fried kaki-age. Ebi korroke bursting with cream. Butterfish baked with miso. Enjoy all of these with plenty of icy Sapporo or Kirin, then plan to spend about $50 for you and your Scarlett Johansson.

Location Details

20070 Santa Ana Ave.
Santa Ana CA 92707


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