Best Indian Restaurant (2008)


North Indian cuisine is so last century, yet you'll toss out such culinary snobbery after just one meal at Haveli. The service takes a while, but that's because they're probably putting every spice in the subcontinent into your meals. Don't rush—admire the interior: dolls, luxuriant couches out of the Raj, the same damn raga for hours on end. Most of the menu is stuff you can find in other places, but better—the smokiness of the tandoori chicken can make a fireman weep; the curries pique more than burn. Focus, instead, on the Chinese-Indian section of the 139-dish menu, a bizarre-yet-appealing cross-section of Mandarin bitterness with subcontinental heat. In other words, bet you've never had fried rice or noodles with soy sauce and curry.

Location Details

13882 Newport Ave.
Tustin CA 92780


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