Best Frosting-to-Cake Ratio (2008)

Susie Cakes

Yeah, this place opened up as a response to the belated cupcake craze that happened here on the West Coast yeeears after capturing our East Coast brethren, but the cakes at Susie have the most ridiculous amount of thick, creamy frosting atop their old-timey favorites (red velvet, carrot cake, German chocolate, marble cake, fudge cake) and not-so-old-timey favorites (tropical coconut or celebration cake, which is rainbowed vanilla cake with sugar confetti!). Susie Cakes also offers puddings, cheesecakes, pies, cookies (sugar! Animal! Molasses!), homemade whoopie pies and cakes by the slice.

Location Details

2043 Westcliff Dr.
Newport Beach CA 92660


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