The chicken at Kyochon is double-fried, rendering off all the subcutaneous fat and transforming the skin into a thin, shimmering crust of crackle. It's lubed in one of two sauces: mild garlic soy or a spicy Korean pepper-based glaze that makes the chicken taste like Buffalo wings soaked in kimchi juice. For $16.99, you get a plate of 20 wings, the tastiest way to take your poultry. You eat it with a tub of refreshing radish pickles that are as much part of the experience as the bird. But our favorite reason to visit Kyochon is that it's located in the oft-slighted city of Stanton, long the butt of trailer-park jokes by the rest of OC. Who's laughing now?

Location Details

12840 Beach Blvd.
Stanton CA 90680


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