We know you've been burned by the likes of it before: Chinese buffets with cornstarched glop they call sauce and chunks of leather they try to pass off as meat. But trust us—Asia Buffet is different. First, ignore the fact that they don't bother defrosting the sashimi and that they dump the raw fish onto a pile as hideous as a Gitmo group picture. (Who eats sashimi at a buffet, anyway?) No, what you should be after are the stuffed crab shells, chewy sea snails, steamed crawfish, fried frog legs and chicken wings. All are available during their Sunday all-day dinner for $13.98. And there's plenty of their all-you-can-eat snow-crab legs for those itinerant members of the Lemon Butter Club—a group whose sole purpose is to travel from buffet to buffet, clearing out supplies of crustaceans from here to Vegas. We're not kidding—they exist, and we want in.

Location Details

8360 La Palma Ave.
Buena Park CA 90620


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