With the perfect amount of chewiness on the outside and airy squishiness on the inside, the bagels at Katella Deli are the best around. The restaurant has an expansive menu, featuring everything from knishes and matzo-ball soup to Cobb salads and bacon omelets, but it's the stand-alone bakery that can't be missed. Bagels in classic flavors such as egg, poppy-seed and onion are kept in open bins behind the refrigerated case of pastries. If regular old bagels aren't your thing, Katella Deli also offers a few other munchies to satisfy your needs: the amazingly addictive bagel chips, which come in both garlic-Parmesan and cinnamon-sugar flavors, and mini-bagels, which are about half the size of the regular ones and great for those who have a love/hate relationship with carbs. Their bagels are made with no preservatives, so eat them or freeze them within a few days. Either way, you'll be ruined for store-bought bagels forever.

Location Details

4470 Katella Ave.
Rossmoor CA 90720


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