Best Venue for Live Comedy (2008)

The Improv, Brea

Ever been in the front row of a comedy show? Remember sitting there, praying some guy with a mic and a cheap suit would overlook your crappy haircut or the fact you spilled your beer all over the front of your shirt again? Obviously, being the butt of a joke at a comedy show sucks. But it's hard to stay mad at someone who can humiliate you and make you laugh at the same time. So for those who are serious about comedy, look no further than the Brea Improv. In the tradition of Improv clubs nationwide, Brea manages to pull the biggest comedic giants (i.e., D.L. Hughley, Bob Saget and Jay Mohr) onto its classic comedy-club stage (the brick-wall background!). But the Improv is also home to some of the best local comedy around, including regular gut-busting shows such as "Comedy Juice" and "Slanted Eye Comedy with Edward San Juan." You can even find most of VH1's Best Week Ever cast making the rounds. Because Lord knows that cracking wise about '80s memorabilia while sitting in front of a green screen isn't going to pay ALL the bills. But the comedy isn't the only reason to choose the Brea Improv. With a full bar and a hearty selection of appetizers and entrées, there's plenty to fill up on before a good belly laugh. Just make sure to keep your food down when the comic cracks a joke about some other sucker in the front row, or you could be next.

Location Details

120 S. Brea Blvd.
Brea CA 92821


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