Best Unpredictable DJ (2008)

DJ aDJective

The turntablist also known as Costa Mesa resident Steve Fisch lugs several crates of vinyl as well as his laptop to his Thursday- and Friday-night DJ gigs at Kitsch Bar and his Saturday stint at Memphis Cafe in Santa Ana. Why so much music? Because Fisch believes you can never have too many tracks at your disposal. While he mostly plays songs to please himself (he has great, quirky taste and frequently sings along to the music flowing out of the speakers), Fisch ends up pleasing a lot of other people, too. And he will try hard to fulfill requests, as long they're not by artists whose music he's already spun that night. This is adDJective's almost-ironclad rule, and unless you're an attractive female, he won't budge a millimeter on it. A recent visit to Kitsch found Fisch seguing with gleeful (il)logic from a song off the Jungle Book soundtrack to Digital Underground's "Humpty Dance" to something by the Go-Go's to New York Dolls' "Personality Crisis" to Diana Ross' "Upside Down." Another night, he went from the Kingston Trio's earnest 1962 folk plaint "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" to Public Enemy's granite-hard 1987 rap cut "Public Enemy No. 1." Upon such unlikely juxtapositions are legends made. A random white guy in his 30s once approached Fisch at his post in the back of Kitsch and said, "I love how when I want the vibe to change every few minutes, you always fuckin' do it."


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